Colicky Babies

What is colic?

Technically colic is just a common term used to describe symptoms of babies which cry for a prolonged period of time without a know reason or cause that can be treated by a doctor…  so colic can be caused by a number of things: Wind, Constipation, Gas, Indigestion, Acid Reflux, Tense Diaphragm, Muscle Tenseness and others.

There are so many parents out there struggling with colicky babies and there are a lot of suggestions for how to cure it on the internet…..

But which ones actually work best and are any of them clinically proved?

some of the many symptoms you might see in your baby are:

crying for no apparent reason, restless sleep ( maybe your baby is only sleeping for an hour at a time), their face may become very red when crying, wind or gas, your child may be experiencing stomach bloating and cramps, you may notice your baby clinching their hands and arching their backs, and of course you yourself will probably be experiencing sleepless nights and fatigue and you and your baby are probably irritable from lack of sleep.

Fortunately you are not alone and there are lots of colic remedies for you to try, some of them are suggestions from other mothers and parents who have found something worked for their baby to relieve colic and there are some clinically proven methods to reduce colic for your baby.

So I created this website so that I can share my personal experience and remedies for colic that worked for my babies, and also share some useful videos and resources from the internet which really helped when my children were infants going through a stage of colic.

Please feel free to comment and let us know if the info you find on here helps you. Please ad your own colic remedies and also share any  relevant tips or experience you have as a parent.