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Hi, Sue here and thanks for visiting my website. I am a mother of two, Ben now 3 years old and our latest addition to the family Anabelle is now 18 months old and was born two weeks early but weighing a healthy 6 pounds !

Proud mother Sue with collicky baby
Proud mother Sue with collicky baby

Ben suffered with colic as a baby.. and it really did take its toll on me and my partner and the stress of many sleepless nights was also starting to put pressure on our relationship and daily family life. when Anabelle came along and was also a collicky baby, thankfully I had a few remedies up my sleeve.
And Knowing how many mothers there must be at the end of their teather with worry and sleepless nights because of colic I decided to make this website to share with you how I learned some great remedies for colic.

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