Colic Baby

My First Born and First Colic Baby Experience

When my husband and I had our first baby, we were of course over the moon and delighted. We felt truly blessed because we had tried un-successfully for a baby for almost 2 years, then we got the fantastic news that I was expecting Ben my first child.

We were prepared for the sleepless nights, or so we thought, but Ben (as it turned out) was a colic baby. Now at the time I didn’t even know what a colic baby meant, so when Ben would spend what seemed to be hours and hours just constantly crying, my husband and I tried any and everything possible to try to calm him. Sometimes after trying feeding him, winding him, rocking him, cuddling him, singing to him, walking him around in his pushchair, putting himĀ in his carseat and driving around the block, when he still would not stop crying I started to think there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I stop my baby from crying? I must be doing something wrong.

Then I stumbled across a website while searching online which was the light at the end of my tunnel for me. I started to find articles and information on colic, and soon learned that it was very common in young babies and infants and Ben had ALL of the symptoms of a colic baby. I found a few videos on youtube on baby colic massage and how to gently massage your child to help reduce the colic crying, which worked a little bit to sooth Ben so I decided that it did seem to be colic which was Ben’s problem and decided I needed to find out everything I can about it so I could cure Ben’s symptoms and start to feel like a normal good mother again. Honestly you have no idea how much of a relief it was for me to finally realise It was not that I was doing something wrong and it was not a serious or life threatening illness causing Ben to be constantly crying.

Anyway the website I stumbled across was ‘Baby Bowen’ and I decided to get the info they were offering on their website and it worked a treat. I was able to download the colic remedies info they were offering instantly, and that same day I put into practice what it taught me and I was able to stop Ben crying within a few moments thanks to the Baby Bowen Info. Now Ben still did get colic, it was not like some magical one time cure and he never got the problem again, but what it did was enable me or even EMPOWER me you could say, to do the right thing for Ben and sooth his colic crying almost instantly.

Knowing why Ben was crying even after I tried everything possible, understanding what causes baby colic and being able to stop him crying was fantastic. We were able to get more sleep at night, and I became much more confident in my abilities as a parent and a mother to be able to understand the reasons for Ben’s discomfort, and more importantly, exactly what I could do to cure his colic at that time.

By the time we had our second child, I was completely prepared, and as it happened Anabelle also was a colicky baby, but this time I knew exactly what to do, and it was never a problem. In fact no one else even really noticed or knew she was a colic baby because I had everything covered and was able to minimise the colic effects immediately this time around.

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