Colic remedies you can try

Three simple colic remedies

When your baby is crying in constant discomfort from colic there are a few things which really work to relieve colic symptoms and of the many colic remedies I have tried here are few that worked well. Firstly one good colic remedy is a gentle circular massage on your babies belly, this technique to help colic can be learned in the video on this website.

One of the good old colic remedies

coic remediesGripe water has been used to cure colic for many years. If you want to give gripe water a try then you should look for some that is either organic or at least has no artificial colors or flavors. One that I can vouch for is Colic Calm All Natural Gripe Water, it is FDA registered unlike some other formulas and its completely free of alcohol, sugar, gluten and animal products and 100% natural. You can order it on Amazon and the great thing is you can trust Amazon and you can choose 1 day shipping which really helps when you need relief for your baby!

coic remedies

Another movement technique found really gave my babies some relief from colic was what I called the back pedal. When you baby is on his or her back you gently lift up their legs and start to move them as if they were pedaling a bicycle, I found this seemed to help with the discomfort of colic and baby seemed to really like it and on several occasion this was all it took to stop the crying so definitely one of the colic remedies i would recommend.

There are a few more of these simple yet powerful colic remedies that I used and they are called the ‘Baby Bowen Technique’ The Bowen Technique is a very gentle, safe and simple therapy that is highly effective at easing discomfort in babies. Not only is it great for colic relief but also helps relieve symptoms and baby crying due to wind or gas, bloating, reflux, constipation, indigestion, hiccups among other things, I highly recommend you check it out.

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these techniques really work.

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