Colic Treatment – what worked for me

There are various treatments for colic in newborn babies and infants and I have tried many remedies, some of them worked well others didn’t really seem to help much with colic relief.

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Here are the colic treatment methods I found very good.

Gripe water – this is basically a home colic treatment remedy of old and it does help with colic as well as other stomach discomfort and also teething pain. Gripe Water works with infant colic because the herbs used in it have a calming effect on the digestive system. But doctors don’t know exactly what causes colic so their efforts with gas medication are a bit hit and miss, but many doctors will recommend gripe water.

Winding baby – if your baby has a lot of gas then make sure they are burped regularly. Also there are bottles designed to reduce the amount of air baby swallows while feeding.

Change Formula – if you bottle feed your baby you can try changing to a different formula, this sometimes helps. If you are breast feeding your baby you may want to try eliminating cows milk from your diet especially if your family is known to have a history of lactose intolerance.

Massage – giving baby tummy and back rubs was something I found helpful and combined with just gripe water alone this provided an excellent colic treatment that worked for us.

Taking a warm shower with baby can help because the warm water is very soothing and this is often an effective infant colic treatment, it just depend on the severity of your child colic.

When trying to get your collicky baby settled to sleep try some of the following:
Swaddle them ( snugle them up tightly in a blanket ).
Rocking or gently swinging baby in a cradle often helps to get them off to sleep.
Take baby out for a walk and get some fresh air or take them for a ride in the car.
Another thing that I found that settled the children was placing them close to the washing machine or tumble dryer ( the continuous noise and vibrations seem to help a lot ).

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